The Intimate, The Unspoken, The Remembered

Dafne Louzioti
Katharine Fry
Vanio Papadelli
Bruno Humberto
Paul Attmere

This place is not real. It is a half-dreamed network rail ride of tick-box experiences, a thin film covering real interaction. Fear and loathing.
In a quiet inbreath in the cacophony of London isolation a search for family, for closeness, for fertile soil takes place. The unkind history of a space occupied by many lives, waiting to be demolished is multiply told, reconfigured and contested.
A cascade of lives has been carved in the air of the space. If you step inside can you read the map(s) left behind? If you listen carefully can you hear the walls whisper their secrets?


SATURDAY November 20th 2010
2.30pm – 6.30pm

(last entry 6.00pm)

To be added to our guest list you can contact 7 quiet ACTS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE by simply filling in the box below with your name and hitting “submit”

Please assume that you are on the list even if you do not receive a confirmation but we shall endeavour to do so.


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