Act 5 – Dis-place-ment

I know this, I do this all the time (I don’t like it though)
An interactive Live Art installation by the aswespeak project
Xristina Penna

This piece is an investigation of the manifold faces, masks and skins of our individuality and identity in relation to the “Other”. It questions how the contemporary urban environment restricts real human interaction and explores it’s effect on our ability to process information and attempt expression. The artist explores the fragile connection, or violent disjuncture, between the experience of the body, and the perception of the “Other.” The piece unearths the patterns that shape the space of the self, the messages and images that invade, embed and collude on our encounter with the Other. The Main tool of this piece is a device, which allows the watcher to draw on a piece of paper while her/his action is recorded and projected on the performer’s visage. The doer, over a period of three hours, collects each of the audience’s drawings which gradually overtake her private territory…with dire results.


Sara Gianfrate
This is a private tea party. It is subjected to transformation and transition of space and its extention via internet and pervasive technology. Bringing the public into a private tea party transforms and extends the tea room. The room changes and the rules change with it.The rules and actions are repeated every 20-30 min. However each time brings a different element which develops the work as a whole.
The interchanges are made with cardboardboxes and with the usage of diferent interfaces and websites such as Facebook and blogging. 

You can join our party either via a private invitation to the tea party or online.

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Andrello Jones

Distinct from our prescribed social roles based on the utility of space present in other public and private environments – visitor, customer, employee, traveler – the realm of home primarily demands that we simply exist within. Thus occupation becomes the raison d’etre for the domestic space and with it the martial connotations that accompany it. What happens when ‘home’ becomes a stage, a set, a battleground?

Borja Sagasti
This Live Art performance explores the notion of anonymity in the city through the body and the virtual.


SATURDAY November 13th
2.30pm – 6.30pm

(last entry 6.00pm)

To be added to our guest list you can contact 7 quiet ACTS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE by simply filling in the box below with your name and hitting “submit”


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